Movie List 2013

  1. Pitch Perfect (This was much better than I expected.)
  2. Baby Mama
  3. The Breakfast Club
  4. Men in Black 3 (Not great, but better than the crap I was expecting.)
  5. Brave
  6. Les Miserables (So good!)
  7. Lincoln
  8. The Bourne Legacy
  9. The Switch
  10. Up
  11. How to Train Your Dragon
  12. Thor
  13. X-Men: First Class
  14. Waiting for "Superman"
  15. October Sky (I always forget how much I love this movie until I watch it again.)
  16. Lars and the Real Girl
  17. End of Watch (Depressing and slightly scary. Especially if your husband wants to be a cop.) 
  18. Hotel Transylvania

  1. Grey's Anatomy Season 3
  2. Grey's Anatomy Season 4
  3. Grey's Anatomy Season 5
  4. Grey's Anatomy Season 6 (Holy crap, the last two episodes were CRAZY.)