Things To Do Before I Die

This post is inspired by I have never watched the TV show, but I read a little snippet from the book, and it got me thinking about all the things that I want to do with my life. I'm in my mid-20s. I have a whole lot of life to live, and I want to fill it with meaningful, exciting, fulfilling things. So here's my running list of things I want to do before I die. I'll simply add things as I think of them. It doesn't matter how improbable—if I want to do it, it's going on the list. And maybe, just maybe, someday I'll get to start checking them off.
  1. Get married (February 19, 2013)
  2. Have kids
  3. Visit all 50 states (Crossed off: Utah, California, Idaho, Wyoming, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Washington, Hawaii)
  4. Visit Europe (Trip to Italy tentatively planned for fall 2014)
  5. Visit Auschwitz
  6. Walk across the Abbey Road crosswalk
  7. Be interviewed on a late-night talk show
  8. Write a meaningful blog that becomes crazy popular (turns into a book, movie, TV show, etc.)
  9. Write and publish a novel
  10. Edit fiction for a publishing house
  11. Play guitar or keyboard in a band
  12. Sing back-up for a famous musician
  13. Write a (good) song
  14. Live in Salt Lake City, New York City, London, or other major metropolis
  15. Have the job title of managing or senior editor
  16. Lose 20 pounds (the right way—no shortcuts)
  17. Deck someone in the face for a legitimate reason
  18. Do voice acting for a movie or cartoon
  19. Have a role in a major motion picture or TV show
  20. Perform a song in front of a packed house
  21. Play Eponine in a stage production of Les Miserables
  22. Pay for someone's groceries or meal at a restaurant
  23. Make a music video
  24. Be in a photoshoot
  25. Work on the crew of a movie set
  26. Scream at the top of my lungs (while not on a roller coaster)
  27. Take photography classes
  28. Take vocal lessons
  29. Go on a cruise
  30. Learn to cook awesomely
  31. Get kissed in the rain
  32. Attend an NFL game
  33. Sit in the lower bowl for a Jazz game
  34. Meet a movie star
  35. Have a conversation with President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
  36. Relearn German
  37. Sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  38. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle
  39. Go to a Braves game

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