Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Love This Song

This song is absolutely amazing. The video's nothing special, so you can ignore it, but you should definitely listen to it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

FHE Is Awesome

We went laser tagging for FHE tonight. It was awesome. I ranked number nine out of ten. Oh yeah. Luckily my roommate rocks socks and helped our team win. She ranked first. Go Amanda for kicking all the guys' trash. But I figure there are much, much worse things to suck at than shooting people.

Next time I go, though, I'll be better. Y'all better watch out.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Favorite Store

So I went to the Fashion Place mall today. And I found a new fabulous store that's going to steal all my money.

Ohmigosh I love this place. It's awesome. I went in mostly to look around and came out with $92 of makeup. I know, yikes, right? But it's fabulous makeup. Really. I'm not even trying to justify my purchase here—I'm just telling the truth. And in addition to just getting the makeup, one of the employees showed me how to apply it. How cool is that? "Pretty cool" is the correct answer to that question.

I'm in love, basically.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Carriage Cove cleaning check lady's thought process:

"Look at this tub, it's so clean. She must have scrubbed it for an hour. And her sink is sparkling! And this bedroom is so neat and tidy—not a thing is out of place and there isn't a speck of dust anywhere. Same with this cute living room. Everything has been so nicely dusted and put in its place—but oh, oh dear, what is this? A streak! There's a streak on the sliding glass door! Well, that just won't do now, will it."

So I failed. Four and a half hours of cleaning and I FAILED because of some streaks on the glass door. Let's just skip over the significant things, like the tub and the sink and the entire living room. That one streaky spot is the end of it all—this apartment must not be clean because of it. Don't even consider the fact that I washed it with Windex TWICE to get all the dust and streaks off.

Thanks, Carriage Cove, for being Nazis. That stupid streak is going to cost me thirty effing dollars.

*end rant*

Friday, June 11, 2010

Here's a List

10 things in 2010
1. Be more outgoing
2. Make new friends
3. Go on more dates
4. Get a more grown-up wardrobe
5. Practice and get better at the guitar
6. Learn a piano solo well enough to play in sacrament meeting
7. Learn to cook better
8. Write more
10. Learn how to play piano with chords

9 things i enjoy
1. Music
2. Books
3. Friends
4. Family
5. Traveling
6. Music
7. Movies
8. Concerts
9. Shoes

8 things i do everyday
1. Listen to music
2. Sing
3. Laugh
4. Write in my journal
5. Read
6. Put on mascara
7. Put on chapstick
8. Chew gum

7 musicians i like
1. The Beatles
2. Sherwood
3. The Swell Season
4. Train
5. Guster
6. OK Go
7. OneRepublic

6 things that will always win my heart
1. Sense of humor
2. Musical talent
3. Dark brown eyes
4. Intelligence
5. Personality
6. Smile

5 favorite things
book: The Alliance
movie: While You Were Sleeping
song: I have multiple per day, and they are constantly changing
food: anything Italian
season: the transition seasons, fall and spring

4 smells i enjoy
1. Good boy smell
2. Fresh-baked bread
3. Rain
4. Bookstores

3 places i want to go
1. The British Isles, including England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.
2. Germany, especially the concentration camps (I'm weird, I know).
3. Italy.

2 favorite holidays
1. Christmas
2. Thanksgiving

1 person i'd marry on the spot
Jack Callahan

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Maybe shopping doesn't suck...

As an update to my last post (not that anyone cares): While I suck at shopping on my own, I am an apparently awesome shopper when I go with my sister. I always find something cute when I shop with Chelly.

We went to Ross tonight. I usually have no luck at Ross. Tonight I had too much luck.

Five shirts, two headbands, one dress, one pair of leggings, one pair of sandals, and $84.30 later, I like my wardrobe again. Hooray for a successful shopping trip. (Minus the fact that I still have no shorts/capris. I'll work on that later.)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shopping Sucks

I apparently have a shopping complex. I simply cannot buy anything when I am shopping by myself.

Today I went to Target, fully intending to buy some summer clothes. I thought about going all day at work, with high hopes of finding some adorable clothes. I tried on about a million different articles of clothing, and I didn't buy the few cute pieces that fit. Why? Because no one was there to reaffirm my belief that the clothes looked good on me.


I have no clothes confidence whatsoever. What a waste of two hours.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Worth Being Created

This is an awesome quote from the book I just finished reading, The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance. I read it after writing my last post, and it fits so perfectly with the subject matter that I have to post it.
My entire life, I had defined myself by how others perceived me. I needed more than a mantra to change this habit. So I decided to pray about it. I didn't pray to be skinny (I'd tried that one a million times before); instead I prayed to be able to see myself through God's eyes so that I could realize my potential. I did this every day for a year, and I can't tell you how or why it worked, but eventually something just clicked and I felt like something greater than me, some force from on high, loved me tremendously. And this feeling encouraged me to let go. I stopped using my weight as the trigger for a downward spiral of self-loathing. What was the point if it only made me feel bad? Instead, I accepted the way I looked. Not completely, because that's impossible, but I considered myself in a way I never had before, as an actual child of God, someone worth being created.
- Elna Baker

Body Image

I hate being a girl. Why? Because of body image. It seems that girls are supposed to look a certain way—you know, like the gorgeous women who flood TV shows and the silver screen. In short, every female is expected to be hot: thin, fit, tan.

My whole life I have lived with the knowledge that I am not hot. That's just a fact. I have too many pimples and too many curves. I grew up going to school with mean kids who called me fat. With skinny friends who made me feel fat. And therefore with a complex that convinced me that I was fat.

But let me tell you a secret: I am not fat. 

I may not be able to wear the skimpy bikinis that 95 percent of the girls at the pool right now are wearing, and I may not feel entirely comfortable in a modest one-piece bathing suit, which often keeps me from going to the pool at all. But I am not fat.

Should I work out more often? Yes. But not to lose weight. I should work out more so I can be healthier and feel better about myself.

Do I often feel overshadowed by my considerably more traditionally attractive roommates? Yes. But that doesn't mean I am ugly.

Do I usually feel like guys look past me or around me in favor of thinner girls? Oh yes. But those guys don't know what they're missing out on.

It is true that I am short and stout. But it is also true that I am awesome, beautiful, and worth getting to know.